Friday, May 15, 2009

don't know WHAT got into them

Yesterday was one of those days that I just really wanted to throw in the towel. All three of the kids were in rare form and into EVERYTHING they were not supposed to be into.
First thing in the morning this is what James and I came upon in our open closet: Why, yes! That IS all my makeup strewn on the floor. It is also my cream hair remover smeared into the carpet and all over my blush and makeup brushes.
I need to get some carpet cleaner to get the cream hair remover out of the carpet.
Later that morning this is what I found as Naomi and Henry quickly ran out of the bathroom looking totally guilty! ARGH!!!

One of the guilty ones:
They also decided to unwind the vacuum's cord and make a complete mess out of their room! They dumped ALL the toys out of both their toy boxes.

Then, not 10 minutes after the toilet paper incident I found all three of them playing with the highlighters and markers I have in a drawer that they know they're not to play with or color with. Then, while I was making lunch, Henry "typed" on my computer and brought up some window I've never seen before. Luckily for him it was something to do with a printer and nothing to do with messing up my laptop.
I was ticked most the day and they spent lots of time on their beds awaiting their impending discipline while I cleaned up messes!
What was their deal???
So far, today seems better!


Olivia Arlene said...

WEIRD!!! What gets into them! Were they bored? Maybe tired, or maybe too much sleep? How frustrating!!!

Laurie Lynn said...

I don't know if something got "into" them or if something (like sin nature) is already "in" them!! Wow! It seems like they were like "getting into the cool whip and triking down the sidewalk" but on steroids!!! Actually, there were THREE "turkey monkeys" encouraging one another instead of just one Tabby on the loose!

Laurie Lynn said...

Oh wait! I forgot to mention the Tabby girl getting into Mommy's purse and dumping all the contents on the floor before peeling out on the trike like a little "born to be wild" child!!

TAB said...

Too funny! You're right it was like me only x3! And yes sin nature is what was wrong. Nothing new I guess.

4monkeys said...

I am surprised they did not use those sissors for anything! What a mess! Hey at least they did not put the t.p. in the toilet and clog it!