Saturday, May 16, 2009

lazy dazy saturday morning

It's been one of those Saturdays when you just want to sit around and veg. All the kids were playing nicely and had quite productively made a complete mess of their room. James and I decided to put on Stuart Little for them in their room. We sat with them as we lazily browsed the web on our laptops.
They sat sweetly on the couch in their room next to daddy to watch their Saturday morning movie.

While the movie played we all sat amidst the disaster area we call their room.
Happy lazy dazy Satuday to you all!Posted by Picasa


Olivia Arlene said...

Saturdays are just like that! Glad you've had a good day thus far:)

4monkeys said...

Thats nice to just chill out!

Laurie Lynn said...

Some days/Saturdays are just like that!