Saturday, May 23, 2009

our new living room set

James and his uncle Dave went to pick up our new used leather sofa, chair and ottoman (not pictured) this morning. We bought it from a seller on craig's list. I absolutely love it!!!!!!

Naomi is trying out our new couch.

James looks like the king of the castle in the chair. He is so pleased with his find on craig's.

As I am typing this post Marcail is lying on the ottoman singing her own made up song. She has told me a couple times, "Dis is a cool couch!"
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Olivia Arlene said...

That is very cool! I agree Marcail! Looks comfy and fit for a King named James!

Laurie Lynn said...

"Dis IS a cool couch"! Very nice!
Did you come up with a color name?
(The Word Verification word happens to be "coust". Two letter off from "couch".) I know it doesn't MATTER! But it is still interesting! Christine thinks I'm weird. (Smart girl, that one!)

Laurel said...

Looks great! Way to go James!

tsbjf said...

Craigslist is awesome!!! We have gotten so many good finds on there too! Love the set your husband found!