Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last night James and I watched this movie.Disclaimer: If you haven't already seen this movie you should not read this post as I would ruin the movie for you.

Bella was recommended to me by my mom that we watch it. It was recommended to my mom by several people to watch this movie. So, I put it on our queue on netflix and waited for it to arrive.
It was beautifully filmed and I just love a movie that features actors with strong Spanish accents and rich culture so that was a major plus. James and I both really enjoyed the movie but were somewhat disappointed by the ending. Our questions about the ending since Nina didn't go through with the abortion were as follows:
1. Where was Nina all those 3+ years?
2. Why didn't she just stay/marry Jose? and
3. Why didn't Jose shave that beard and mustache?
Can you shed some light here on why the movie ended the way it did? I mean, Nina didn't follow through with her original plan to abort her baby. Great! But, obviously, by the way the movie ended she wasn't selfless. Sure, she had the baby but she didn't take on the care of her babe. Is that how I'm supposed to understand it? That it's all well and good not to have an abortion but you don't have to make it work to be a mom to your baby? Nina had the ability and means (by way of her friend Jose) to do it, didn't she?! Or is this just part of the arts and thespianism in theatrics that I will never understand and that's why it won so many awards?


Laurie Lynn said...

"Thespianism" is a nice word. Yeah, it may be that thing that we don't quite understand. I admit I was some baffled by the ending also and a little disappointed.
Good questions and thoughts, Tab!

Olivia Arlene said...

I didn't read it, but now I want to watch it so I can.

Laurie Lynn said...

I don't know why Jose didn't shave!