Friday, June 5, 2009

turkey bean meatballs

I've been known to be "creative" in the kitchen when my resources are limited and my planning is not what it should have been. Such was the case when I made Turkey Bean Meatballs this week for supper.
I had ground turkey, canned baked beans and baby carrot sticks. "Aha!" I say to myself. "I have a plan!" {Let me just say that those were not the only ingredients I had in my entire kitchen. Those were just the only ingredients I had that could be made into a fast meal since it was already 6:30 by the time we had all come in from playing outside.}
I opened the tiny can of baked beans and drained them. Then, I threw them into the blender along with 10-12 baby carrot sticks and blended them all together. After they were blended I poured the bean mixture into a bowl with 1 lb. of the ground turkey along with two eggs. It was rather soupy and I started to feel discouraged. Was my "brilliant" supper plan going to flop? However, I continued because the only other option for that evening's supper would have been PB&Honey sandwiches (repeating lunch....boring!).
I decided, that since the meatball mixture wasn't going to make true, rounded meatballs, I would simply scoop tiny bits of it into a hot un-greased skillet. I allowed them to brown on both sides. Then, I poured some water into the skillet so they could simmer, and covered them for about 7 minutes.
They don't look too appetizing but they tasted pretty good and the kids seemed to like them. I served them with rice. James was not impressed. He said, and I quote, "I'm glad the kids like these," and he grimaced. I admit, they were a little bean-y in consistency and I definitely could do just half the measurement of beans. But ,you just can't beat the high fiber goodness of Turkey Bean Meatballs. I will be perfecting this "creative" invention in the near future.


Laurie Lynn said...

Sounds so "thrown together good"!
A cooks crisis point meal! (When you look to see what you have and what you can make with what you have!)
Sometimes it's a flop and other times it's not too bad! It' the way recipes are born!

Olivia Arlene said...

I think I might have to agree with James on that one LoL!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess I'd go along with James and Liv on this one!!Don't think I'd enter a contest with this one.ha
Have fun this weekend. Love, grandma b.

4monkeys said...

On second thought...I think you got my text on this one:)