Sunday, July 26, 2009

henry's much needed hair cut

Henry got his hair cut tonight. As you can see in previous pictures, it was getting awfully long. We were going to go for the shaggy, beach boy look but couldn't stand it any longer. Plus, it was getting hot for his little head to have so much hair!He was a brave boy again while Daddy buzzed his hair away. He would smile up at me and say, "It not even hurt, mama!" While Henry's hair was being buzzed off he told the girls to leave his hair alone so that he could sweep it up after he was done!

Of course, he got some M&M's afterwards for being such a good boy during his hair cut!

We couldn't leave the girls out in the candy department. They got some too!


Olivia Arlene said...

How cute! That is so sweet that he wanted to sweep it up!

Laurie L. said...

Henry is so brave! Remember the fear and crying during past haircuts!
How cute that he swept up his hair!
I miss you all! ~Mom~

4monkeys said...

Way to go Henry! You look good!!!