Tuesday, July 21, 2009

italian friends

This morning we met our Italian friends, Lara and her son Giacomo at the beach. We had such a fun time playing. We went swinging and played in the ocean.

Lara and I took a self-portrait!

Lara pushed Marcail and Giacomo on the tire swing and sang them different songs in Italian. She also sang them the French favorite, Frere Jacques!

At the end of our playdate, Giacomo sweetly took hold of Naomi's hand and swung it back and forth. It was so sweet. He had the cutest smile and made such darling happy noises!


Laurie L. said...

Sweet as pie! How sweet that Lara sang to the kids! Those girls love Giacomo! (Pronounced "Jack-a-mo"?)

Laurie L. said...

You must have figured out the problem with your camera!

TAB said...

Yes, it is pronounced Jack-a-mo! They do love him!

I don't know. The camera seems ok outside but not inside.

Olivia Arlene said...

Awww, sweet!

4monkeys said...

How fun! So do they live nearby I asume?