Thursday, July 30, 2009

neighbors and friends

Another day is almost gone. Thanks to our neighbors, we were able to get through a long afternoon by playing outside in the front of our building! I've told you about Rahul and his mom, Ruwena. The kids love to play together with Rahul. They had a little girl about 4 months ago, Surena, and the girls just love to talk to her and look at her. Just look at that little beauty!

Surena and her mama, Ruwena.

You all know Henry.

Marcail and Rahul have their hands up for no particular reason.

Henry is loving writing in his notebook because he now can write the first two letters of his name.

We always enjoy playing with our friends after naps. It helps make the day go just a tad faster, plus Ruwena and I get to talk "mom talk"!


Laurie Lynn said...

Blessing indeed! Love, hugs, kisses. Miss you all.

4monkeys said...

Wow! She has a head of hair:) So cute! I didn't know H could write some letters! Did you tell me and I forgot? Anyway was to go H! Miss everyone! Love ya kids!