Tuesday, August 11, 2009

favorite books

From one of my previous post I mentioned the kids waiting for me to come read to them before naps. In the comments from that post my mom asked which book was their favorite. Well, I can't just narrow it down to one. They have about 5 favorites! And they are listed here in no particular order. Henry always picks this one out and Marcail amazes me with how well she can "read" this book almost word-for-word!
Marcail discovered this book two days ago and hardly puts it down during play time!

The girls "read" this to each other a lot during the day as well.

This one is, by far, Naomi's all-time favorite book! It was given to her by our friend, Jill and I've had to tape it back together numerous times because it is so well-loved.

The pictures are enough to draw the kid's attention in this book and it's also a great teaching tool and they don't even realize it!


Laurie Lynn said...

Now I know! Thanks!
Which one is your favorite? No. Not one , but your top three? Doesn't have to be from their list, but it could be!

TAB said...

My 3 favorites are the Big Hungry Bear, the Bedtime Songs and 123 book.