Monday, August 10, 2009

kid-isms 15

When the girls and Henry are playing "mommy and daddy" they call each other by mama or daddy. Sometimes I don't realize this so I'll keep answering to "mama" when I hear my name. Finally, someone will say, "No, Marcail's the mama." or Naomi will say, "No, I'm the mama."
A couple days ago, they were at it again and I knew this time, so I ignored the "mama"s and went about my business. Soon, Naomi came up to me and said, "Big Mama, big Mama, I talking to you." I guess I know my code name now when they are playing mommy and daddy.


Olivia Arlene said...


Just Passing Through said...

Yo, Big Mamma!

Laurie Lynn said...

Yeah! Kinda like "Big Mama" on the Fox and the Hound? Remember?

Jill said...

Hey "Big Mama!" Which you could never be, you little toothpick of a MaMa, You!! But very cute, Nay Nay knows how to get your attention when she needs it! I really like what James has done with your furniture and the dark cabinets! Can't wait to see the painted walls too!! Just so you know Tab, I did paint my wash-house door ( the little shed behind our house) red, in your honor! The color scheme is white background, light bluish-green trim and a bright red door! Thanks to your "Big Mama!" ;0)
who gave her great color imput before I really muffed it up!!