Friday, August 7, 2009


Maybe I've mentioned this before and most of you probably already know this, but Marcail loves to 'tend she's a mama feeding her baby doll. She sweetly speaks to her baby while feeding it and finds her food toys; spoon, cups, whatever, to spoon-feed her doll. The blue and purple cups were the choices she made in food containers for her doll yesterday.
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Anonymous said...

Little Mama Marcail!!!!How BEAUTIFUL she is!!!We just love this gal!!Grandad and Grandma B.

Laurie Lynn said...

She pretends and tends to her baby doll just like you used to do!
(It's harder in real life, huh!)
Well in one sense it's harder, but it is way more rewarding! With dolls, you could put 'em away and forget about them for some time! In real life forgetting isn't a good option! Babydolls are stiff vinyl and unfeeling. Real life babies (and children) are soft, cuddly and truly lovable and "spiritual beings"! Blessings indeed!

Olivia Arlene said...

Awww, what a sweet lil mama:)

4monkeys said...

Thats cute! Did she take to it naturally or did you really encourage the doll play? We are such tom boys over here!