Tuesday, October 6, 2009

homemade everything....

So, this morning, I made some chicken nuggets like I had mentioned yesterday. I forgot to take a picture until after they had been in the freezer a while. So, the picture shows some ice on the nuggets. The nugget recipe I used called for pureed spinach as the coating mixed with an egg. It is hiding underneath the breading. You can't even taste it. They are good.

I had some leftover bread crumbs from the chicken nuggets and spinach/egg mixture as well. So, I made a meatloaf with it and baked some mashed potatoes on top of it. We'll enjoy that later this week.

I also felt like making oatmeal cookies. I found a recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks for whole-wheat oatmeal raisin cookies with banana and zucchini purees. However, I didn't have any zucchini to puree on hand, so I used applesauce instead. They are really tasty! I also didn't feel like making a bunch of cookies so I made cookie bars instead.


Anonymous said...

Maybe one of these days you will write a HEALTHY recipe book??With kid captions underneath recipes. You are good with drawings. The mashed potatoes made me hungry. You know I'm a plain cook, but your recipes fasinate me. I guess it's never to late to get brave.
We are having chicken and noodles, cabbage and mixed salad with our remaining tomatoes we have from the garden. We had tomatoes from Uncle Doyles garden and they were called hillybilly tomatoes. We loved them. Yellow and red combination. A little sweet. The cookie bars look great!!
Love you, grandma

Olivia Arlene said...

Where do you find the time??? Nicely done and everything looks delicious!

Laurie said...

Ooh! I love Grandma's idea of a cookbook w/ your illustrations! I hope you get back into drawing some day! I'm sure you will as the kids grow a bit!
Your recipes are so healthy! I'm applauding your efforts and the way you make substitutions and make it work! Great job! Yum!

TAB said...

Grandma, those tomatoes sound good as well as your dinner tonight! A cookbook sounds adventerous.

Liv, the kids are nice to me. They play very nicely almost all day, so I take advantage of it during the mornings. Also, if I plan ahead, I can have things ready or measured out the day before.

Mom, I wish I was even remotely inspired to draw. I'm not, though. Wish I was. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

Just Passing Through said...

Tab, I'm with your Grandma. I can see you doing a cookbook some day. I think you should include the things that didn't pan out.
Have I told you that I think you are amazing? Well, I definitely do!!!