Wednesday, October 14, 2009

james is in ocala

So, when James is out of town for work, I usually drink it up. Coors Light is my drink of choice.
No!! I'm just kidding! I actually am not a beer drinker. I don't care too much for the taste of it. If you must know I prefer a sweet wine or some rum and coke. Malibu rum to be exact! We actually had that canned nastiness in our fridge from our neighbor. He gave it to us as a thank you for caring for his cat while he visited his family in New York. The reason 3 cans of open, empty beer were on my counter this morning is because I made this:
3 cans of beer later made 2 yummy loaves of beer bread!
Also, this morning, I made some applesauce with apples that weren't going to get eaten. The kids around here aren't fans of regular apples. So, I decided to give homemade applesauce a try. Marcail asked for seconds at lunch today. I had to encourage Henry and Naomi to eat theirs. I think it wasn't as smooth as store bought so the texture wasn't great for them. I don't know why I try with the homemade stuff. I'm usually disappointed by the reception it receives and there are always at least two kids that don't care for it! All well! Hey, at least they liked the beer bread. Does that say something? Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tab, I must make some beer bread for supper!!I use to make it a lot wusing white flour of course.It was Aunt Lindas favorite. Have fun on your trip. We miss you, Love grandma

Anonymous said...

I must have been in a hurry with all the mispelled words. I meant USING white flour. Oh well. Have a fun weekend!!

Olivia Arlene said...

I personally am not a fan of beer bread, but if I didn't know that it was beer bread I probably wouldn't know the difference!

The applesauce looks good to me and I like the thicker chunkier texture myself.

Keep experimenting and keep ENCOURAGING those dingle-hoppers! ;)

Just for silliness my word verification was broozo (kind of close to booze) Hahaha!

Laurel said...

Both of your endeavors look yummy to me!

Your Mama said...

Hmmm. I thought I commented, but I guess not.
You're funny, Tab!
"Canned nastiness"!
Beer bread! Yum!
And whole wheat!? I'll have to try that recipe!