Tuesday, November 17, 2009

learning as we go

A few weeks ago I rented a preschool learning dvd from Netflix.com.  It was about shapes and colors.  I got it with Naomi in mind since I think that Henry and Marcail know their colors and are getting the hang of their shapes.
   When Henry awoke from his nap I plugged it in and he sat spellbound watching and listening to the man on the dvd discuss colors and shapes.  It wasn't far into the dvd that Henry asked for his notebook and pen.  He was inspired!  He began to draw squares, ovals and circles!  Mostly, though, the squares looked like circles but he knew what he was drawing.
After I had begun taking these pictures Marcail wandered out from nap as well.  So, you can see the still-sleepy Marcail and her feet in the background of some of the pictures.


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh he is sooo serious! That's great! What a smart kid!

Your Mama said...

Bravo! "Hands-on Henry"! Marcail may not have asked for her notebook, but we know she is taking it all in! Love it!
Super pictures!

Word Verification word: "restr"- That's what Marcail is after her nap!