Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the rat

We have a rat that hangs out around the house.  Mostly he/she can be found on Marcail's bed sleeping.  Some days the rat is pink with black hair or blue, sometimes even green.  Usually it's either pink or purple.  This is an interesting rat, you find yourself thinking.  Well, yes, it is indeed!  For, you see, the rat is an imaginary rat which comes out to play if so invited by one of the kids.  Marcail usually enjoys playing with the rat.  I think sometimes there are two or three rats, it depends on how imaginations are working that day.  Henry will have his own rat and so will Naomi.
   The kids will cup their little hands together to carry their rat around.  They will talk to it.  Mostly, they spend their time finding the rat if they are pretending rat.
   The name of the rat also varies from time to time, this is a highly evolving animal!
   I know that the kids have amazing imaginations but I think this one takes the cake!  In the picture above, the rat was invited along to the beach with us, see?  She's in Marcail's outstretched hand.


Olivia Arlene said...


Laurie said...

Absolutely "genius"! (Yes, I mean iit!)
1. This reminds me of "Stargirl" by Spinelli. Stargirl's rat was real though. His name was Cinnamon.
2. The word verif.: "Skingi" which could be a name Marcail might give to her rat!

4monkeys said...

That is rich! Where and why did they think up a rat??? You need to introduce the typical pet! Dog or Cat..bird...fish if need be, or a hamster, a mouse if your desperate, but a rat?!!!

4monkeys said...

A rat? That is rich! Would you please introduce the typical housepet to your kids!!! A dog, cat, bird, even a fish will do!

4monkeys said...

wow...I wrote that twice...actually I didn't think it went through the first time...see how I made the second shorter and saved some typin time:) lol!