Thursday, November 12, 2009

we're addicted the beach! It was 5 p.m. and breezy and chilly and overcast, and we still went to the beach! We bundled up into our jackets put pants on and walked over to our playground on the beach. Since it wasn't really "beach" weather, we were the only ones there for the most part. We always call it "our beach" when we don't have to share the playground with anyone else. It was really nice even though it was cool.
Since we frequent the beach almost daily the kids occasionally get cuts on the bottoms of their feet. I think from the sand maybe rubbing them raw or maybe some other pieces of debris in the sand cutting their little toes. Usually its in the cracks under their toes. Henry had complained yesterday about his foot hurting. When I asked for him to show me I couldn't see anything. Today he said it hurt again. When I looked again I saw a cut under his little toe right where it bends. It was a tiny cut and he was touchy about it so I left it alone. He's gotten cuts like that before. However, tonight as we were reading books before bed, he asked if I would put that "bubble stuff" (hydrogen peroxide) on his foot and a band-aid in the morning. So, I looked at it again and the cut was a little bigger than this morning. Poor guy! I went ahead and cleaned it and put a band-aid on his toe. It was so tiny but those are always the cuts that seem to hurt the most. He cried and barely let me touch it as I was cleaning it. There was sand inside the cut too so I know that it was very painful! That hydrogen peroxide worked wonders bubbling the sand out. Marcail was so sweet the whole time I was tending to the cut. She kept saying, "It's going to be over soon!" and "Look, Henry, you get to have a boy band-aid, see?" and "It's ok, Henry. Mama's fixing it." So sweet. She even got Henry his blanket for him. Anyway, he got some neosporin and a band-aid and was just fine. He even giggled when he got to see the peroxide bubble.
Tomorrow is Friday...I just may try to make a real loaf of bread! I actually bought wheat gluten today to see if that helps. I shall persevere!


Laurie said...

Love that photo of those "beach lovers"!
You are a persevering one! It's one of the things I love about you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, how sweet of Marcail with her soothing words for Henry!! Maybe she will be a nurse someday, but for sure a very sweet nurturing Mama, wife and/or friend!! It's been kinda funky weather-wise here the last couple of days too, cloudy, windy and just a little cool, big COOL is coming this weekend, yuk!!

Love you all,