Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas day - at grandma's house

These pictures are in no particular order.  The kids made out like bandits!  Too much!   They had a great day and everyone was generous to the kids.  The girls got a kitchen set to keep over at their Grandma's house.  That was a huge hit!
Henry got a toolbench to keep at Grandma's house.  He was excited about that!  The kids played quite a while with their kitchen and toolbench.
They each got a bike for Christmas too!  Henry and Naomi have caught on pretty quickly to pedaling.  Marcail is taking a bit longer to get the hang of it.  But, with practice I know she'll get it!
This is Lynn's (Grandma's) Christmas tree.
The kids were awaiting their presents.
Naomi stole a pickle from the relish plate.  She loves dill pickles!
Grandma with her cup o' cheer.
Henry and Marcail pretty much took over the relish plate.  I thought these pictures were kind of funny!
We had a nice time over at Lynn's house for Christmas.  I even got a breadmaker and some frames!  I didn't expect to get anything for Christmas!  It was a really nice surprise!!


Olivia Arlene said...

Awesome blossom!!! Cute pickle pickers;) Lynn's house is really pretty!

Laurie said...

Woohoo! Lavishness!
You look great, my love!
Miss you all!

4monkeys said...

Fun! So M and H I would have totally been over there with you chowin down!