Wednesday, December 2, 2009

christmas is in the air?

After the thanksgiving meal at Lynn's house we played outside. Lynn's neighbor, Walter, who is from Colombia, was airing up his Holiday yard decor. The kids thought it was pretty cool to see the Santa stuff and be a part of the decorating. Walter told me that he wasn't going to do decor this year but since "Linda's grandchildren's" were going to be here he wanted to to do it. He said that he found the Santa's Workshop in a recycle bin near where they live. He was pretty excited about his find.

Henry was so happy that he got to hammer down the string that keeps the inflatable yard decor up! Walter was so sweet to let him help.
I still find it odd to be thinking about Christmas when we're wearing shorts and short-sleeves. The lights are up around the city, Santa is in full force but I'm still not feeling it.


Laurie said...

Walter! I forgot about Walter!
Yeah, it is weird to have Christmas decor in the warm climate!

Olivia Arlene said...

How fun!!! I'm looking forward to some snow...someday.