Wednesday, December 2, 2009

crazy kids!

I am always so glad that we have a built in neighbor friend! Rahul, as I've said before, lives in our building. We usually always end up at the beach together in the evenings and the kids just love playing together. Henry and Rahul have been playing together the most lately. They play rough, boy games. Play fighting, climbing, rolling in the's dirty, sandy and rough, and I love it! It's a fantastic way for both of the boys to get out their testosterone energy in households full of girls!

Sweet, "princess" Marcail asked for her photo to be taken.

Here, all four of the kiddos were playing on and around the lifeguard stand. The canoe is secured to the ramp that leads to the little shelter the lifeguards stay in during the day if it's not too busy or if the sun is too hot or if it's raining. We don't allow the kids to play around the stand until the lifeguard's are gone for the day which is around 5 in the evening.


Laurie said...

The photos in these posts are so clear and nice! Great subjects if I do say so!

The word verif. is hyperbs!

Olivia Arlene said...

Cute crazy kids!!!