Tuesday, December 15, 2009

homeschool play group

We met with the homeschool play group yesterday. The group gathers mid-morning at a huge park with a great playground and some awesome nature paths. I have enjoyed getting to know some other moms that homeschool, especially one who goes to the same church as us. Her name is Linda, she's the one I'm taking a picture of taking a picture of me below. She has been homeschooling since her eldest first became school age. I believe her eldest is 5 years younger than me. Her youngest is Henry and Marcail's age.

The kids played for almost one hour straight! After they started growing tired, I took my kids for a little nature hike in the hopes we would see some wildlife. We did see some turtles in the water, a mama and her baby, a squirrel up in a tree eating a cheesy puff, a huge ant hill (the kind that bite!). As we were leaving, in the car, I had to wait to pull out onto the street. As we were waiting, Henry said he saw an iguana!!!! I looked over to see that he not only saw one but two iguanas!!! That totally made our day!


Laurel said...

Great pictures, Tab! Oh, the advantages of living in South Florida... :-)

Olivia Arlene said...

So cool!!! I am jealous of the nature park and wildlife!!! Nice pics and I am so glad you are making some good friendly connections:)

Laurie said...

Iguanas are so cute!
Fun that you're meeting other homeschoolers!!