Monday, December 28, 2009

our christmas morning

Guess who was up first Christmas morning! Nope, not Henry or Marcail or Naomi! It was the mama--me! I was so excited for the kids to see what they got that I tossed and turned from 5 a.m. until 7!!!! Henry was the next one up. He saw his drums first! Man, that boy was so excited about those drums! Marcail came out next. She saw her stocking first and was going to dive right into it but we made her wait. Naomi slept until 8! I felt kind of cruel making Henry and Marcail wait for 30 minutes until she woke up but they did fine. Look how they are staring in awe at the wonder of their waiting gifts.

FINALLY!!! They got to do their stockings first. It's tradition!

Naomi ate 4 pieces of chocolate before I made her stop! She just kept opening them and saying, "Mmmm, 'chocate'!"

Henry's got some rhythm. I can't believe how quickly he's somewhat picked up on drumming beats.

Henry got a Batman action figure! He's been talking about getting one for the whole month.

The girls got Princess Barbie's to share. See how delighted Naomi is?

Marcail loves the big stuffed horse Santa left her!

We took Christmas morning very leisurely. The kids opened their gifts, played, had some cereal and then James helped me clean the kitchen and wrapping paper trash. We each took turns getting ready for the day and then headed to James' mom's house for the rest of the day.


Olivia Arlene said...

Wow!!! Great gifts! Way to go Santa;) Cute pics of the kiddos:)

Laurie said...

Yum! Naomi has the right idea!
Fun stuff! I'd love to hear Henry's drumming!
Marcail is a sweetie!
I love seeing them lined up and waiting...

Laurie said...

You're funny getting up so early! (I remember when I'd hope you would sleep late...past 6 AM!) You've always been an early bird... getting worms (or cool whip!)

4monkeys said...

You crack me up Tab! Looks like an fun x-mas! The anticipation as they look and wait is darling!