Thursday, December 10, 2009

they really are twins

Sometimes even I forget that Henry and Marcail are twins.  Yes, I carried them for 9 months in my womb and had a huge belly leading the way for at least 5 of those 9 months.  I had largely swollen legs, feet and hands.  I got the stretch marks after they were born to prove that they were definitely in there, together!  But, still, in my mind, they're simply Henry and Marcail and they're both three years old, not "the twins".  However, I do enjoy capturing photos of "the twins" together.  I look forward to looking at these pictures later in life and being able to show Henry and Marcail what they looked like at certain ages and stages in their lives.  Possibly, as we look back we'll say, "Wow!  You two looked a lot alike!"  For now, though, I don't see any resemblances and that's ok.  It helps make them their own people with different personalities and definitely different interests.


Your Mama said...

Yep, they're twins! We have baby photos to prove it; One blue bundle and one pink bundle of love and even from birth they have been their own little individual selves!

Olivia Arlene said...

How do you get those pics so crisp? I love the lighting! I love the black and white! Your camera must be a bit better than mine.

I hope it doesn't bother you that I call them "the twins". They are so completely different in every way, and I certainly don't mean for it to sound like they are one and the same. I've just always called them that. I just think it's so amazing! How in the world did you carry TWO babies??? I felt huge and miserable with just one!

Love those crazy cuties:)

Your Mama said...

Tab- I remember your belly leading the way! Remember how amazed we were (and humored sometimes) at the torpedo baby belly!? What a sweet time. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tab,
You should think about doing photography for $$. You do a great job.
Merry Christmas.
Love ya!