Saturday, January 9, 2010

back out

This has been my almost constant friend today.

This has been another friend of mine today.
This has been my main position today.

I woke up Wednesday with pretty bad lower back pain. I think it's a pinched nerve. I have a hard time bending, walking and standing straight it hurts so badly. It didn't start out that bad but it's gotten progressively worse. I thought it was feeling better this morning....and then I had a coughing attack that sent my back over the edge. I am so thankful James is home over the weekends. He's been so helpful with the kids and also massaging my back and placing icy hot back packs on my, well, back!
I haven't just been lying around or sitting in odd positions all day. I did do stuff! I even made the twin's birthday cakes for tomorrow! Can't wait to post those pics!


Jill said...

OUCH--So sorry about your back, Tab! Be careful with the heat though, sometimes it can cause more inflammation and increased pain! Are you taking any anti-inflammatory pills? like motrin or advil?? those should help, you might try alternating heat and ice at this point! Okay, sorry about all the medical pointers, just want you to feel better, especially for the big day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY #4 for Marcail and Henry, give them big hugs and lots of love from us!! Have fun!

Mom said...

Ugh! Any better by now or do you need a chiro.?

Olivia Arlene said...

Sorry Tab! I do hope it gets better soon! That position looks so uncomfortable:(

word verif is boozo...maybe some booze would help you relax...