Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

I'm an early bird, I always have been, my parent's could easily share some stories of when I was little and got up early. Anyway, so I am usually awake way before James is when he's home and lately I've been waking before the kids as well! So, this morning, when I woke up I went right to work preparing dough for New Year's Cookies (Portzelky) they're a Mennonite cookie. I have been hankering for them and what better morning to make them than the first day of a new year? New Year's Cookies were always a great treat I remember from my younger years when I was 4. My mom would get them at the Dillon's bakery when they had them. I savored those things!
The dough for New Year's Cookies has to rise like a normal bread. The recipe I used said to scoop spoonfuls of the dough onto greased cookie sheets to rise for the second time. I don't know that I would have to do that again because it was runny dough. I easily could've been left in the bowl for the second rise. Yummy and fatty! A fantastic way to start the new year especially for those who have resolved to diet. Ha-ha!
Once the cookies were cool, I sprinkled them with sugar.

The finished product!

I just had to eat one.....okay, three!

Man! Did I mention that they're good!

I'm not gonna lie, in the two pictures above, I was seriously procrastinating because I had all this clean up waiting for me.

But, I had this after as my reward for a job well done!

Happy New Year!!


Olivia Arlene said...

My mouth is seriously watering now!!! Those look so good! Nice job you goofball;)

TAB said...

Thanks Liv!

Mom said...

Happy New Year, Cookie Cutie!
I LOVE these cookies (which always reminded me more of a donut type thing)! We also used yo grt them at the Kansas State Fair at at the Buhler food booth, I think. And Velma made them for us once. She could also make great verinika and some German rolls I can't think of the name of!
I like the raisins in these too! Okay, I'm hankering for one now!
Happy New Year!~

Mom said...

Yes, your parents have "early riser, Tab" stories and speaking of Velma... She reported seeing you on your trike riding down the sidewalk toward her house on more than one early morning. These little trike rides were probably following your raiding of the refirgerator and my purse! I got wise to you and made sure you knew NOT to leave the house and please stay out of Mommy's purse!
Then there are those earlier, early morning jumpin in the crib risings. This is when we came in to find you had jumped out of your diaper! Crazy baby!
Okay how early is "early"? I'm thinkin anytime before 6 AM is early...too early!

4monkeys said...

So you havin early risers is just karma isn't it Tab?! lol!!! Those are donught holes that we used to get a dillons too! They were good!!! Yours look so tasty...thanks for helping me on the first day of new year;)

TAB said...

Mom, my early rising is 6:45 a.m. approximately.....:-)