Monday, January 25, 2010


When the kids and I went into Old Navy a few weeks ago Marcail noticed Old Navy's "Modelquins" right away. She's seen the Old Navy commercials and in them the manneqiuns talk.

She was excited about them and pointed them out to me. But, she was immediately disappointed upon walking further into the store. She said, "Them are not talking." It took me a moment to realize that she was referring to the commercials!

Naomi loves to pretend she's a puppy. Or her Grandma. Oh, and a baby. Well, she just likes to pretend. And, whenever she pretends she likes to inform me of what she is. She says it like this: "I'm in the puppy." Or whatever it may be at the time that she's pretending. I don't know why she says it like that but it's kinda cute. I think she's trying to say "I am the..."

We had some coupons for Subway and used them on Saturday. The kids love Subway and I think it's a nice treat too. As the kids were finishing Henry started dancing in his chair to the music that was playing. He picked up a straw wrapper that was on the table and began to strum a guitar with the wrapper. He said to us, "I'm 'tending this is my 'tar!" Not only was he jammin to his straw wrapper guitar he was also closing his eyes and shaking his head while sticking out his tongue! He got a kick out of himself. James and I did too! What a nut that boy is!


Laurie said...

Precious kidisms.
Precious kids.
Precious Mommy Tab and Daddy James!
Love and prayers from an admiring Mom and Grammy!!

TAB said...

Thanks Mom!

Olivia Arlene said...

Cute!!! So funny:)