Friday, January 22, 2010

those sisters!

Our girls are showing some promising signs of being the best of friends. I love how sweetly they play together and pretend. It is so sweet and precious. Marcail is mothering to her baby sister sometimes too and I think its just too cute how she loves and tenderly caresses Naomi's cheek.
Naomi is a wild girl! She is an athlete and can climb just as well as her brother! I am amazed at how "old" she's getting and yet her little voice reminds me how much of a baby she still is....kinda! She's independent, as much as an almost 3-year-old can be. Spunky, stubborn and a good sense of humor that one has!  Her brother and sister just love her and gladly take care of her and help her.

We are blessed to have children that get along well, play together nicely (most of the time) and have a good team work mentality.  Am I tootin my own horn here??  Sorry.  I was just contemplating all this as I observed the children playing this morning.
  Ok, maybe I've spoken too soon!  Gotta go break up a fight!


Jill said...

ah, yes, so precious is that sisterly-love thing!! I do notice that Marcail has that mothering characteristic in alot of the pictures of her with her siblings!! You know just how sweet the sister-love connection is, don't ya??! So glad you're chillins are getting the hang of it early on, what a blessing!!

Olivia Arlene said...

They all have their not so pleasant sibling moments, but I am so glad that your sweeties get along so well most of the time! Ellie has that mothering nature towards Chloe too:)