Thursday, February 11, 2010

gettin ready for valentines day

I like the holidays. I like Valentines Day and it's fun to get the kids involved. I have been giving the kids easy art crafts to do. I drew some hearts for the kids to color.
Henry's is the one on the left, Naomi's is in the middle, Marcail's is the one on the right and mine is on the bottom.
I got some heart-shaped cookie cutters and let the kids use those to dip into paint and they liked that. I also cut out some hearts and gave the kids some Valentine's stickers to put on them. Marcail's painting is the one on the left and Henry's is the right. The red hearts are from left to right: Marcail, Henry and Naomi.
This is Naomi's painting.
I also made heart pretzels today. They are yummy!
Happy pre-Valentines Day!


Laurel said...

Lots of cuteness! And the pretzels look yummy. Did you just bake them? Recipe?? :-)

Olivia Arlene said...

Cute, fun, yum!!! I need to make some of those pretzels:)

Love your crafts! You are such a good mommy! I don't do paints here. Unless they are the clear color wonder ones that only show up on the special paper.

Laurie said...

You should just hear Dad and me interpreting our grandchildren's art! We love them all! The pretzels are Perfectly Lummy!
Fun times, I'm tellin ya!

tsbjf said...

Those pretzels look delish! Hungry here, I'm telling ya!

4monkeys said...

Fun! Good job Tab!