Monday, February 22, 2010

our weekend in pics

The weather was fantastic on Saturday.  We spent almost all of it out at the beach.  There was very little wind, the high was 65-ish, the ocean was beautifully calm and the sun felt heavenly after the cool weather we had last week.  It wasn't terribly busy like it usually is on Saturday's that bode fantastic weather so we felt like we had the beach to ourselves!  Toward the evening, we headed out to the harbor where the big, huge rocks are.  We were able to see the Oasis of the Seas head out to sea.  It was exciting for James and me since we've been wanting to catch sight of that monster up close.

 Henry found this little guy hiding between some boulders at the harbor.  I was so proud of him for finding him.  He was very well hidden and in a lot of shade.  The camera shows him off a lot better than I expected since he could hardly be seen in the rocks.

 Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas!
 Can you see the rock climbing wall on the ship?
 We found a hammock on the outside of a nice hotel on our walk back home.  The girls and I had a blast on it!


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh. Wow. That ship is awesome!

Nice pictures Tab and what a find Henry:)

Laurie said...

That ship IS a monster!
The rocks are beautiful and that crab! Wow! I love the colors in that picture!
Thanks for the hammock pics!

tsbjf said...

Huge ship! Like, way huge! Like, huge ship mehoff! Ok, I still have no idea if I'm using the mehoff thing correctly, just trying it out.