Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cooking out on coronado heights with liv

So, when us sisters (Liv and I) are together when we have Coronado Heights cookout we get giggly. We think everything's funny and just have a goofy time of it! Things could go disappointingly wrong and we'd still find humor in it if we are on Coronado Heights and cooking out. We always make Mom and Dad laugh too and usually we can be found around the sandstone picnic table doubled over in silent laughter over something that was said that probably wasn't even that funny!

Liv is a master cookout preparer (is that a word?) She is also the mama of an almost 1 1/2 year old girl. So, when Liv went out to her car to get her stroller for Chloe and also to bring in the supplies she brought to the cookout that night I couldn't help but roll with laughter when she rolled in with this:

99% of that is all food for the cookout, I kid you not! And it all came in very handy and appreciated! Let me just say, we know how to have a cookout!

Another example of our silliness is the fact that I found the stick I'm holding funny. I thought it looked like a funny cane and it had a double use as a stoker for the fire. Liv took my picture by the fire.

When I say that we know how to have a cookout I mean it! My dad configured this 6 count weinie roaster to be longer for fires that may be, shall we say, a bit large. It's long, let me tell you! And, it's for 6 hotdogs at once! I'm just saying! We get the job done around here!

Here, I caught some of the silent laughter around the picnic table I was talking about.

They contained themselves for a minute so I could take a more posed picture.

We also know how to make a mean S'more! Yum! Graham cracker and Hershey bar are prepared beforehand and as soon as the marshmallow is good and toasted (sometimes burnt which, in my opinion is so much tastier) we slide it onto the waiting chocolate with the graham cracker. Delicious!


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh Tab you make me giggle ;-)

Laurie said...

Silly girls!~