Monday, April 5, 2010

traveling silliness

The day before we flew to Kansas, I was busy packing. Marcail wasn't feeling well. She had an ear infection and needed antibiotics. Thankfully, she was able to start some that evening and by the next morning was no longer complaining about her ear hurting. I was so happy for her. Even amidst all the pain she was suffering she tried to pack herself! She giggled when I found her hiding in the suitcase. While we were on the plane I snapped these photos of Henry since he was my flying buddy on both the flights.

The girls fell asleep and slept through most of the first flight.

As we were getting ready to land I got these:

We were so excited to see Grammy and Grandad!


Olivia Arlene said...

Cute! I am so jealous of all your air travels :-( Though I don't think I'd want to take all three of mine're a brave soul!

tsbjf said...

Just read all of your Easter trip posts up until this one. Looks like fun! I bet the cousins have a blast together, that is great that they are so close in age. Loved your family Easter pics! Noticed that you and Olivia went in the same direction with the girls in matching dresses and boy in tie. Love it!!!

Izzy's Mommy said...

looks like a fun plane ride! I'm sooooo happy for Marc that her ear felt better by trip time! what a relief!