Thursday, April 29, 2010

While we visited Princess in Kansas at her parent's house we enjoyed a cookout at the park with all our kids and then playtime at her parent's house. Before the kids and I had to get back home we blew some bubble out on the porch.
   This is Abey.

The weather was a tad chilly but we still enjoyed our cookout.  We laughed about how it had rained all the night before and some that morning, early.  We laughed about how we were determined to have a cookout anyway and wasn't it such a homeschool thing to do?  For the "experience" of it!  We imagined we were quite a sight for those visiting the park on a school field trip while us two women, with 7 kids hanging out around us, tried to start a fire in the grill and make hamburgers.  It wasn't too hard, though, because Princess had bought self-lighting charcoal!  It started without a hitch!

Henry and Faesal blowing bubbles.  Faesal is the same age and Henry and Marcail.

The kids enjoyed their grilled burgers and ate really well!

Everyone played really well too!  They made a good team as Abey sweetly directed them.  He has such a sweet nature and kindly led the group and was very open to suggestions from his play mates.

The whole group! 
From left to right:
Henry, Naomi, Faesal, Marcail, Rayon, Salma and Abraham

Faesal gave me a sweet expression as he blew a bubble.


Laurel said...

Such sweet pictures!

Laurie said...

Great photos!!
Beautiful children all!!

Neli said...

kiddos are so cute playing together! I'm so glad you were able to get together :)

Olivia Arlene said...

Sure wish I could have been there! :-(