Thursday, May 27, 2010

playin in the water

Neli and Izaac came over yesterday for fellowship and playtime.
We planned on going to the beach for some ocean swimming.
It was perfect weather and water!
The breeze was calm, the waves were calm.
Nay and Hen love their boogie boards!
It looks like those two will be the beach bums growing up.
Marcail is way more content to play house
using her shovel and buckets when we are
at the beach.
Izaac loved splashing in the ocean.
I thought for sure he'd cry when he got the water in his eye
and got splashed with an incoming wave.
He was a trooper, though, and just wiped his eye.
I didn't get many photos and the one of Henry as
well as the one of Naomi are from Anele's phone.
Can you believe that both of us were without cameras?
Hers broke last time we were together. It dropped
and the the lense refused to retract.
Mine, of course, has been stolen. *Sigh*
So, I am stuck using the poor quality camera on my phone.
Anyway! We had a blast and so did the kids!


Laurie said...

Nice phone pics! Darling Neli and Izaac! Oh you will be very careful with those little kids in the great big wild and furious ocean!!! Right? I remember how STRONG the waves are!!!
Be careful... but have fun!

Olivia Arlene said...

Those are good phone pics! Sorry about your cameras :-(

Izzy's Mommy said...

yes we were quite careful :) and Tab... you're right... i do NOT like the phone pic you took of me... I look a mess... lol but what's new. I am going to upload mine now :) Def had a blast:)