Saturday, June 19, 2010

bass pro shop

 We have a huge Bass Pro Shop
near where we live
and I got the crazy notion to go this evening
and check it out.
Well, we had great timing tonight
because when we got there they were making S'mores
outside for FREE!! 
We each got to chow down on one
at a nearby picnic table they had
out on their porch area.

Also, the store was offering free "games"
for the kids to play.
They got to shoot a bow,
shoot a gun,
pretend to fly fish and
take a picture with a pretend
We had so much fun!
I felt like, as we wandered through
the huge outdoorsman store,
that my inner redneck was
really trying to emerge.
I think it's because Henry and James
really get into the whole fishing thing
and rifles and boats.
Their excitement gets me excited!
So much so that I felt like getting
myself a fishing pole, gun
and camo.


Olivia Arlene said...

How neat! What yummy timing ;-)

Just Passing Through said...

Don't you love being in the right place at the right time? I must have a slight inner redneck because I got a new fishing pole for Mother's Day and love it. Used it a few weeks ago and caught about 5-6 bass. Fun stuff!

Laurie said...

Nah. Fishing isn't redneck!
Cool fun!
Those kids have had more s'mores in their young lives! Yum!