Monday, June 28, 2010

sewing man

FYI, My awesome husband can sew. Have I mentioned that before?
Yeah, he got a little sewing machine for Christmas.
He asked "Santa" for one!
He hadn't used it yet and I felt like it was time for that
little puppy to be put to work.

I got a notion that he should
sew the girls 4th of July dresses for, well,
4th of July.
I wanted him to make them each a
pillowcase dress with matching

So, we made a little visit to JoAnn's and
found a pattern and some material we both agreed on.
James knew what else he would need so we got that there too.
We then headed home and James went right to work.
Shortly after we got home, Lynn and Jackie
came over to return our kids to us.
Jackie used to sew for a factory and just really has a lot
of wisdom and tricks under her belt for sewing.
She couldn't seem to help herself. She went right to work
assisting James and giving him very helpful advice.
It was fun to watch the Aunt and Nephew work together
so sweetly.
Lynn has done her fair share of sewing too but her grandchildren
demanded her attention.
James finished Naomi's dress on Saturday night and Marcail's dress
he finished on Sunday afternoon.
I am so happy that he finds this kind of stuff fun.
Watching him sew and cut and trim and all that other stuff
that goes along with sewing didn't even tempt me to
want to try my hand at it.
He had a decent time of the sewing and I know he was proud
of his work.
I know I am!

I will get photos of the girls in their
pillowcase dresses next Sunday.


Olivia Arlene said...

Can't wait to see!!! You kept that man busy this weekend ;-)

Izzy's Mommy said...

I can't wait to see them wearing their pillow case dresses! :) And SERIOUSLY... If I bring my grandma's sewing machine over one weekend, can J PLEASE help me figure out how to use it?

tsbjf said...

Woah, he's got some skills!!!