Tuesday, July 20, 2010

morning adventures

These mornings, before it gets too brutally hot, we like to get outside and take a bike ride.
Occasionally, I let them ride back and forth on the abandoned parking area on the side of our building.

Most the time, though, we like to be a little more adventurous and take a ride to our beach.
There's a big basketball court that is most usually vacant in the mornings that they get to ride around on
without having to worry about cars or pedestrians!


tsbjf said...

Bike riding is such the perfect childhood activity. I have many good memories of racing the neighborhood kids around the block with the banana seat bike I had back in the day! It's good they have places to ride, and what a cool spot by the beach! What a view.

Laurie said...

Nice open spaces for bike riding!
How big the kids seem on those bikes!

Olivia Arlene said...

That's nice that you have open spaces like that! We don't have a ton of space here, but we could probably use the church parking lot behind us as long as there is nothing going on there...

Shannon said...

We have to do the same thing and get out really early in the morning before it gets too ridiculously hot here. It *is* really nice to have such a big open space to ride bikes. I loved riding my bike as a kid!