Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a summer evening

This summer hasn't been one spent at the beach
or in the ocean.  We did that a LOT last summer.
I am not exactly sure why it's different except
that the heat has kept us away during the day.
Also, the sandy aftermath alone is enough
for me to stress out and stay away!
I just dread the sandy mess trailed in from the 
door to the bathtub and anywhere in between.
Sand is so sneaky here. 
I can sweep two or three times
in a day (but I don't) and I would
still sweep up a small pile of sand.
Alas, the beach, as well as the ocean,
have not been our playground
much this summer.
Am I lazy?  Probably.
However, when we do venture out
to our natural playground
we really enjoy it!
All that to say, that is exactly
what we did this evening after a 
rare nap.  We swam and goofed
off in the waves for about 2 hours.  
And did I worry bout the sandy bottoms?
Nope!  Not once! 
 I just let it roll off my back and then washed
 it all off later in the shower. 

I didn't bring along
the "real camera" so all the above
photos were taken with my handy camera phone.


Olivia Arlene said...

Your phone take great pics!

Laurie said...

I guess dealing with the sand lends new meaning to the phrase, "Life's a beach"?
It would be convenient to have an outdoor shower. Maybe that's why Aunt Julie loves an outdoor shower after living near the beach. Love the kid's playing! I got the feeeel of it all! Love ya!

tsbjf said...

I understand your feelings on sand. Seems like most of ours comes off in the car since we have to drive home, whereas you live right by the beach so it goes in the house. Word.