Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend fun

James loves to bowl.
Back in the day, when he was
a young pup, he was on a league.
The man owns two
separate bowling balls
that have been custom made
to fit his fingers.
I believe that one ball is for "normal" bowling
and the other one is for the more
"professional" bowling tricks.
Like, when he has a split or needs
to throw a curve.
I don't know why I haven't asked
him why he has two balls.
I just have my theories and
never thought to ask.
I am assuming and that's not always
a good thing.
James also has his own bowling shoes,
(which I'm sure he purchased from, K-Mart),
wrist guard and
duffel bag for said items.
He's pretty much hardcore
about bowling.

I enjoy a game or two of bowling
It's basically the
only sport I'm remotely good at.

So, we drove over to our
neighborhood bowling alley
on Saturday afternoon
to enjoy a couple games of bowling
with the kids.

The kids love bowling and they
really do pretty well at it!

I love how the kids rock the bowling shoes!
James' mad bowling skillz.
Check out his form. Nice.
Daddy and his girls.


tsbjf said...

Bowling is fun! A "young pup", lol. It's always nice when you find a family activity that everyone is into! Rockin the bowling shoes, you need a music video, yo!

Just Passing Through said...

Awesome!!! I have precious memories of bowling with my dad who was also in a league and a fanatic. At one point I had a 5 hole bowling ball - okay, so I was not the bowling officianado that James is. LOL

Olivia Arlene said...

So fun! I can't wait till the kids are older, or maybe we could find someone to watch Chloe...anyway, I'd love to have a family bowling night!

Laurie said...

James has the form and power!
Thanks for the pics Tab! Wow! Love 'em!

Liv- We'll watch Chloe while you all go bowling!

Izzy's Mommy said...

awww fun! we must do bowling together one of these weekends :) don't take a picture of my form though... it will not be pretty lol