Tuesday, September 28, 2010

big truck extravaganza

Saturday found us at a local park taking in the sounds and sights of some city trucks and vehicles used by it's employees.
   Children were allowed to climb aboard the stationary vehicles and check out the cabs and try out their horns.
   The kids were taken with the huge doors, the seat belts, the buttons and levers and, of course, the horns.

 Henry was so excited to be able to get inside the cab of an actual "hook truck"!  It was all a little like heaven to our little mechanically minded son!

 The police even had their police horse barn open to the public.  So, we were able to visit the horses and chat with the police horse trainer.

There was even a huge pile of sand under a tent with buckets and dump trucks.  I guess even living near the beach doesn't make my kids tired of sand.  They, of course, played for a few minutes there until the sounds of the trucks lured them away.
 What's amusing to me is that out of all the many, many huge trucks and utility vehicles that were at the park that day, the school bus was their favorite of all.  We went inside it at least 3 different times!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Love your pictures, Tab. You have a great eye.

Just Passing Through said...

That is such an awesome experience!!! I am so glad for the many experiences your kids get to enjoy - what a great community.

Laurie said...

WeeHaw! Great fun and colorful snaps!!!

Anonymous said...

that looks like my kind of fun,glad the chillins enjoyed gdb

Jill said...

and a very Happy Birthday to you, Tabitha!! Praying for a blessed year ahead for you and yours!! Much love, the Espings

Olivia Arlene said...

Cool! Sean wants to ride the bus so bad even though I've told him it takes less than 5 minutes to drive to his school and we can walk it in 15-20 lol! Kids like the "big yellow bus" I guess :-)