Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Naomi tells me with satisfaction, "Minnie Mouse has Chucks!" As I observe Minnie I see how Naomi would definitely see Minnie's Saddle Shoes as Chucks. This observance makes me chuckle!
Marcail sweetly observes that I've been wearing my Chucks all day. As we sit down to read books before bed she sits at my feet to take them off for me, along with my socks. Then, she comes and snuggles at my side to read and observe the drawings in the books.
Henry quickly scales this palm tree and I observe how agile he is. He is sure-footed and brave. I observe and take a mental note to always praise his simple,boyhood accomplishments. Those accomplishments will turn into manly ones in time. A boy needs those praises and affirmations.


Just Passing Through said...

You are so right about Henry needing praise and affirmation for his boyhood accomplishments. I've been sharing with my daughter-in-law how little boys become, in many ways, bigger boys who still need lots of affirmation and praise.

Olivia Arlene said...

Aw so sweet! I agree. I need to praise my kids more often for their accomplishments :-) I love that Henry's cape is the blanket I "made" him!