Monday, November 15, 2010

poor bubba

Our Henry is ill. He came down with a high fever on Saturday night.
He's been achey, tired, hot, chilled and so sweet.
I think he has the flu and I know he's miserable.
I am so proud of how well he takes his sickies.
He just lies down on the couch and eats his ice.
He drinks his juice or water.
He doesn't complain or whine.
He just rests and he's such a trooper.
He also gets to watch lots of television
which helps in the process of getting better!
I sure hope he feels better tomorrow.


A.M.P. said...

poor lil sugar pie :( its very upsetting to me when children are sick. dislike.

Olivia Arlene said...

I gotta the couch covered with sheets in case he gets "sick"? Poor Henry. I hope he feels better soon for his sake AND yours ;-)

Laurie said...

Poor Luva Bubba.