Sunday, December 5, 2010

jib jab

I wasn't going to do one of these this year but the kids found them so amusing that I couldn't help myself.
And, if I'm completely honest, I think they're kinda funny as well.
Merry Christmas!
If you're reading this through a feed
I think you will need to go to my actual blog
to see the video.


Laurie said...

Cute! I can imagine the kids think it is great!!

A.M.P. said...

gee, boys just happened to be walking by when i was watching and i'm sure you can guess what we've been doing the last 1/2 hour! lol

Olivia Arlene said...


Izzy's Mommy said...

that's funny I made one a while ago too lol I knew the kids had these dance skillz, but was totally surprised by you and J~ :) shake yo groove thang :)