Monday, December 20, 2010

sunday afternoon part 3

While I was going through all the pictures the kids took I started cracking up! I couldn't stop laughing!
And then, when I came to this doozy, well, I laughed til I had tears in my eyes! I could just imagine
Henry leaning over to get the best shot and snapping that photo, feeling very pleased with himself. It still makes me chuckle!!
This one of me makes me chuckle as well. I remember what I was saying too, I just didn't know he had clicked a pic of me in the process.
"Henry, give me the camera now. It's time to be done." Those were my exact words as he took this picture.

I'm pretty impressed with the cool photos the kids took. It certainly gives me insight into what they notice and observe. It was cute seeing them hunker down and get really close to some things to take their photos as they've seen me do.


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Olivia Arlene said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! The dog poo had me lol! I love that last one too ;)