Wednesday, June 22, 2011

amigos and the beach

Last Saturday, we went to the beach with Neli, Izaac and her husband, David.
   We had a relaxing time chatting together and playing in the ocean.
The kids found little crabs!
   The tide was very low so we had a lot of shore to play on.
It was a fantastic time with friends.
These pictures are placed in no particular order and I know I went picture crazy but they just 
depicted our time so well I couldn't downsize the amount.
 David and Anele.
 David and Henry playing soccer.
 Neli and I being beach "babes".

 Sand EVERYWHERE on little Nay.
 Henry's crab.
Izaac is running away from the waves!

 The ocean looks deep here but I was on my knees to be in the water.
Marcail and Henry are close behind me whenever I venture into the water.


Laurie said...

Splendid! Love 'em all! The beach and the babes (of every age) look wonderful! What a refreshing blessing is that beach!

Olivia said...

Cute fun!!!!

Whoowooo! That's my whistle to the beach babes ;) heehee!

Izzy's Mommy said...

Us beach babes appreciate the compliments and whistles lol We had so much fun! We tried to do it again earlier this week, w/out the hubbies, and got POURED on LOL Must try again soon!