Wednesday, June 29, 2011

public restrooms

I have always been an "out and about" type of gal.
After I had the twins I was ready to get out to the stores as soon as I could stand up straight
after the c-section.  
This happened to be about 3 weeks after the babes were born.
After Naomi was born I was a bit slower getting out and about
but I certainly was ready to get out once I was feeling slightly back to normal.
My mom, sister and I would strap the babies into their seats and head out to town.
We galavanted to all our favorite spots:
Target, Sally's, Goodwill, KMart.
We knew all the good spots in the stores for when any of the kiddos needed their mama milk in privacy.
We knew which stores were the best for a diaper change.
We knew which stores were NOT good for those things as well.
We were a well-oiled machine of teamwork and it was a happy, tiring time!

I still enjoy getting out with the kids only now I don't have my mom and sister to galavant with.
It's just my littles and me.
In some respect it's a lot easier to get out with them.
They can walk so we don't  have to lug a stroller around.
They can talk instead of cry when they're hungry or tired.
On the flip side as they age there are new challenges
because now they are more aware of what is out there to want and "need".
They also have nostrils that now recognize delicious smells wafting from Auntie Anne's pretzels.
They also have the ability to touch things all.the.time. because they have short term memory loss.
In other words, they forget quite frequently what "don't touch anything" means.
Something else that I find harder now that the kids are older (yet not totally independent of my help) is the
public restroom.
I dread the public restroom visits.
I groan when any of the kids tell me they need to go "so bad" to the bathroom.
It hardly ever fails that, upon entering the dreaded bathroom,
the strong odors of restroom hits us.
There are always those certain stalls that are deemed gross.
And there's always the seat inspection.  You know what I'm talking about.
Can I get a witness?
It's such a process with kids.
1. You have to hurry to put a roll of toilet paper carefully onto the seat
so that your kid's precious bum doesn't become a target for bad germs.
2. You have to carefully put the child just right onto the seat. 
You don't want the toilet paper you painstakingly put on the seat to fall off.
3. You have to remind your child to not touch anything, please!
4. Your child will want privacy so you have to exit the stall and hold onto the door so that
it doesn't swing open.
You feel as though you've hit the jackpot (no pun intended) when the door stays shut 
on it's own!
5. Then, you hope that it's all just #1 duty that's being done so you can get
out of the bathroom fast.
6. You wait in front of the stall for the fantastic words to be uttered,
"Mama, I'm done."
7. You get your child down off the giant comode, wash hands and get outta there.

Am I right??
Can anyone relate to this?

But however annoying it is to visit the public restroom, it is always fun to get out of the house for a while
with my kids.
They are good shoppers and rarely cause me any embarrassment!
(I sure hope I didn't speak too soon.)


Shannon said...

We're not quite to the toilet stage yet, but I do feel like I have to inspect every square inch of the changing tables in public restrooms. Ugh.

Was the Central Mall main bathrooms on your list of "do not use" bathrooms in Salina? I haven't been in there for years, because they're always so gross!

Laurie said...

Oh babe, such good time! I'll always remember those Go! Go! Go! with the babes days as some of the sweetest times ever! As I look back, I see even more clearly, God's provision in all our travels!
Yes. You're right about those public restrooms! Most of them are NOT Mama and children friendly and they are NOT truly handicap accessible (Don't get me started on that!)
On the other hand, aren't we thankful we have modern plumbing in those often ill-attended public restrooms whenever they (or you) "need to go 'so bad'"!!! "Do your "duties" and get outta there!"

Olivia said...

I HATE public restrooms and I'm not nearly as concerned about germs as you are lol! I totally understand where you are coming from Tab.

The Harris Family said...

( I dont know why )My kids think that the fem. hygene machines in home depot are where you get wedding rings and pregnancy tests. I'm guessing from the pictures on the front of the machine of a female hand wearing a ring holding what looks like pregnancy test stick.