Friday, July 15, 2011


Last Saturday we had invited our friends over for supper.
Our friends happen to be Italian. They have beautiful accents
and a beautiful son. His name is Giacomo.
Luca and Lara are his parents.
We met this sweet family when we lived in our old
apartment by the beach.
It was at the beach park that we met them to be precise.
We hit it off right away and now we meet up for
playdates and dinner dates.

After we had eaten and had dessert we visited for a while.
The companionship was relaxed and quiet.
The children all play well together. There is not any screaming
or running around like crazy kids.
They pretend and giggle and play!

Once the evening started winding down the kids started pulling out books.
Look who got roped into reading the books.
He was happy to do it.
He loves the kids and, quite frankly, they adore him too!


Laurie said...

Oh! This is a captivating photo!
Love it!
Love You!

Olivia said...

I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends! That is a great picture!