Tuesday, October 18, 2011

birthday wishes

My Mom's birthday is today! She's a beautiful 50!

This expression on my mom's face is one of my favorites.
I can tell she's happy and also getting ready to
give someone a hard time!
When I was a kid I used to call this look her
"soft" look.
I knew she was in a good mood when she looked like this.

My sister took this picture of her
at her surprise birthday party on Sunday
at my Grandad's house.
I know this birthday was hard on mom.
Her first birthday without Grandma.
However, I know that the Lord is sufficient.
He will bring mom up out of the pit.
I only wish I could have been part of the celebration.
I wish her a blessed birthday!

I love you mom!
Love Sweet Love


Olivia said...

Nicely worded Tab! ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Laurie!! You are an encouragement and an inspiration to me!

Laurie said...

Thanks Tab. I'm so glad I had a "soft" look! I guess I've had to rather "grow up" into it! I do pray for a "softer, sweeter, peaceful, thankful and fantastic 50!
I am blessed! Love ya!

tsbjf said...

I like her "soft" look. :) makes me wonder if all Moms have their hard & soft looks; probably, huh.