Saturday, November 19, 2011

home school update

The children are still really enjoying school.
We have been working on
learning our numbers 1-100; recognizing and writing them.
We have started some basic addition as well.
We have also been reviewing the alphabet; recognizing letters, writing upper and lower-case
as well as the sounds of the letters.
We are also touching on reading and spelling simple three letter words.
All these subjects are being absorbed and loved by my three students.

This week we've been studying the first Thanksgiving and why
we Americans celebrate this special Holiday.
It's been a fun study.  I've had to keep it pretty basic for my kindergartners.
But, what we've studied has been really great for them!

We've recently started making lapbooks for our studies.  They have been
making one for the Thanksgiving study.  We are almost finished with it.

Here the kids are painting a ship I drew for them from back on Columbus day.

These are coffee filters that we splash water painted as the world.
We did this as we studied Columbus on Columbus Day.

Last week we studied the Sun and made a lapbook to compile all
the information in one consolidated folder.
This is a great tool for the kids as they have a reference for future use
as well as the chance to get some "crafty" art time in.

This is Henry's sun lapbook:

Here is Naomi's lapbook about the sun:

Marcail's sun lapbook:

Once we finish our Thanksgiving lapbooks I will share them with you.
I am enjoying working on them with the kids!


Olivia said...

Awesome! Love their work! Great job mama :)

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Great job, Tab. I'm so glad it is going so well. I do miss those days when they were little and such sponges. Enjoy!!!

Laurie said...