Thursday, January 26, 2012

birthday celebration

We had a small  birthday get-together last week
for Henry and Marcail.
They both had really bad colds
on their birthday so we didn't do much to celebrate.
I didn't make them their cakes since
they were coughing so badly.
The added sugar would have made it that much worse.

So, after they recovered, I invited some of their friends over to
play and celebrate.
We had homemade pizza.
I finally made the cakes of their choice as well!

table ready for celebrating

pans oiled for pizza

festive dinnerware

marcail's puppy cake

henry's bunny cake


Olivia said...

Such cute cakes!

tsbjf said...

Love the cats, good job! Reminds me of when I was their age and my mom made me a chocolate chocolate cat cake. I wonder if that was one of the birthday parties I had when you guys came over? Hmmm, don't remember what age that was exactly. Bummer that the twins were sick on their actual b-day! But it's cool you were able to celebrate a little later, that is fun.

tsbjf said...

LOL, I meant to say 'cakes', guess I had my 'cat' cake on the brain!

Izzy's Mommy said...

again... I'm sad that I couldnt celebrate ANY of their birthdays this year :( When am I gonna get my MAKEUP day?