Wednesday, February 22, 2012

saturday play

best buds

nay-nay loves to cheese

lounging on the couch

round with child (naomi snapped this one with a giggle)

enjoying a free frosty

super delish


Olivia said...

Aw! Cute! :) Now I want a Frosty and fries

Laurie said...

Yum fun!

tsbjf said...

I must say, nice legs! :) And how'd you guys score free frostys? That's a sweet deal. I notice you guys are fans of the vanilla frosty...

TAB said...

Haha, Joanne! Thanks!

The manager at Wendy's was feeling generous that day and offered the kids those frosties for free! I would have chosen chocolate but apparently my kids don't know the beauty of chocolate like I do.

Laurie said...

I haven't tried a vanilla Frosty. Yum?
And "nice legs" you betcha! ;)