Friday, April 20, 2012

from this week

Toby has been such a joy!  I am so thankful for the sweet loves his siblings give to him at any time of day.
His head and cheeks are filled with kisses from them.
   They love to hold him when I allow it,
They love to gather all the necessary items for diaper changes.
They love taking turns picking out his clothes.
They enjoy getting me the burp cloth when I'm getting ready to feed him.
They lovingly give him his paci when he gets irritable....the list of helpfulness goes on!
We couldn't be more happy with our new addition to the family
 and the wonderful teamwork that's being displayed.
Relaxing on mama

Henry is counting Toby's toes

A pleasant little face
Naomi, BIG sister

Most alert baby, ever.
Little mommy

So little....please don't get much bigger yet!
My four sweets


Laurie said...

Adorable! I am so thankful that everyone is taken with baby Toby! He is a darlin' babe! He looks determined and trusting. Love and hugs to all!
(I can barely WAIT to see him in person!)xemec cesseas

Olivia said...

Oh my goodness! The sweetness of it all ♥♥♥

tsbjf said...

Precious!!! That is something I love with a new baby, how the older kids display all their love, it's wonderful. How nice for you to have three older helpers! They look so taken with Toby!